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Stephen Tosha’s Reputation Has Been Well-Earned

November 20, 2019

Stephen Tosha

Stephen Tosha always uses a series of personalized investment strategies and designs, as well as custom investment portfolios as a way to address the priorities of individuals, families, foundations and non-profits. Stephenhas built up a fine reputation as a financial and wealth advisor for a good many years by now, but his earlier years in the business world certainly served to advise his later work as a financial whiz. He has always possessed a desire to give back to whichever community he finds himself in, which explains why he has a Master’s degree in Non-Profit Management, which he earned from New York University.

For example, Stephen Tosha spent 29 years working with Verizon, where his responsibilities included finance, treasury, sales, operations and business development. His stint at that company included constant promotions to positions of increasing responsibility, until he retired as a senior manager of business development from that company at the age of 46. In addition to his long career with Verizon, Stephen Tosha also once served as CEO and executive vice president for a Dallas non-profit. To this day, he continues to work with non-profits and foundations in his spare time, in order to help them build and maintain wealth.